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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Buckling and free vibration of laminated beams with arbitrary boundary conditions using a refined HSDTCanales, F. G.; Mantari, J. L.;;
Jun-2015Dynamic analysis of functionally graded plates using a novel FSDTMantari, J. L.; Granados, E. V.;
Jul-2016Finite element formulation of laminated beams with capability to model the thickness expansionMantari, J. L.; Canales, F. G.;
May-2016Free vibration and buckling of laminated beams via hybrid Ritz solution for various penalized boundary conditionsMantari, J. L.; Canales, F. G.;
Jul-2015Free vibration of single and sandwich laminated composite plates by using a simplified FSDTMantari, J. L.; Ore, M.;
Jan-2016Hermite-Lagrangian finite element formulation to study functionally graded sandwich beamsYarasca, J.; Mantari, J. L.; Arciniega, R. A.;
Jul-2016Refined theories based on non-polynomial kinematics for the thermoelastic analysis of functionally graded platesRamos, I. A.; Mantari, J. L.; Pagani, A.; Carrera, E.;
Mar-2016Static analysis of functionally graded plates using new non-polynomial displacement fields via Carrera Unified FormulationMantari, J. L.; Ramos, I. A.; Carrera, E.; Petrolo, M.;
Aug-2015Thermoelastic behavior of advanced composite sandwich plates by using a new 6 unknown quasi-3D hybrid type HSDTMantari, J. L.; Granados, E. V.;
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