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dc.creatorMatos Avalos, Carmen-
dc.creatorPuente Mansilla, Fabricio-
dc.creatorMatos Avalos, Carmen-
dc.creatorLapa Velasquez, Gustavo-
dc.creatorBoza Quispe, Gustavo-
dc.creatorLapa Velasquez, Gustavo-
dc.creatorRosales Huamaní, Jimmy Aurelio-
dc.creatorBoza Quispe, Gustavo-
dc.creatorPuente Mansilla, Fabricio-
dc.description.abstractUltraviolet radiation from the Sun is an essential part of the process of obtaining Vitamin D by the human body. However, prolonged exposure poses a risk to the health of the skin and eyes that can lead to premature aging and even cancer. Moreover, the quick technological development shows some barriers for visually impaired users because they require special help via audio devices, in order to access to any kind of technology. For these reasons, in this paper we present a wearable UV sensor prototype integrated with an audio notification system based on a smartphone app for blind people. Our notification system is capable of offering an appropriate skin care recommendations based on ultraviolet index (UVI), exposure time and skin
dc.publisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
dc.sourceUniversidad Nacional de Ingenieríaes
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - UNIes
dc.subjectWearable sensores
dc.subjectUV exposurees
dc.subjectBlind peoplees
dc.titleA wearable UV sensor and accessible smartphone application for blind peoplees
dc.identifier.journalProceedings of the International Symposium on Consumer Electronics, ISCEes
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