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Title: Estabilidad dinámica de estrellas axisimétricas
Authors: Vidalón Vidalón, Edgard
Advisors: Bernui Leo, Armando Bartolomé
Keywords: Dinámica;Estrellas Axisimétricas
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
Abstract: Here we study the dynamics of rotation of Newtonian fluid ellipsoids, specifically its stability proper¬ties. We use this approach to model star condensation from an original homogeneous gas cloud, in order to understand the Sun’s evolution from a primitive gas nebula to became a hot star. Finally we apply our results to a more realistic pre-solar model, considering the nebula formed by two different -but homogeneous- axially symmetric gas clouds, one being a nucleus and the other being a shell covering the nucleus. The results are very interesting and match very well with the present knowledge about the formation of our solar system. This suggest that, with further work, this model could be used to improve our understanding of planetary-star formation processes.
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