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Title: Modelamiento térmico de una turbina de vapor de múltiples etapas para la enseñanza de turbomáquinas térmicas
Authors: Páez Apolinario, Eliseo
Advisors: Lastra Espinoza, Luis Antonio
Keywords: Turbinas de vapor;Ciclo combinado;Modelo térmico
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
Abstract: Modelamiento térmico de una turbina de vapor de múltiples etapas para la enseñanza de turbomáquinas térmicas.
In the present thesis a thermal modeling of a multi-stage steam turbine has been developed for the teaching of thermal turbomachinery, which allows to verify its characteristic parameters where the thermal performance is fundamental, as well as to evaluate the steam turbines used in the thermoelectric plants Combined cycle plants that use natural gas for both electric power generation and industrial use in general. It is the National University of Engineering, the only one that has an experimental thermal plant with a steam turbine of this type, which is equipped to perform the necessary tests. Our research is basic and applied, for this we will perform: a collection of information of an experimental nature, a computer processing and the development of the proposed model, the application of the model, its validation, the analysis and interpretation of the results. Obtained the model will be applied to a steam turbine to determine its characteristic curves and thus determine the operating ranges of its main parameters. KEYWORDS: Thermal model, Steam turbine, Thermal performance, Combined cycle, Natural gas.
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